Caïssa: The Goddess of Chess

In white,
Knock on my glass door
Peer within, for you I cannot trace without
The hundred worlds on the marble floor

White, white my walls
White, white my silk
For isn’t white on white
The ubiquitous new black?

Ink black,
Bold stains called words
Voicing silence
Crossing swords

That black of kohl
Corset of the eclipse
For when black bleeds black
Wouldn’t white be its cry?

Erase the lines
Knight the Pawn
Redraw the board
Check-Mate dusk with dawn

For when you move to be
Halo white to my black in light
I become, in stolen time-
Black night to shadow your white.

It’s only a Game’                                                                   Alexander McQueen SS 2005, Paris Fashion Week

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