A new moon, a new June

June and Monsoon are a match made in heaven. The Universe already seems to be celebrating!

Fireflies surround me and a cool breeze laden with the promise of rain lifts me to gaze upwards at the twinkling stars. Leaves and boughs dance in anticipation, as the flowers of summer gently wave adieu. Paradise is a state of being indeed.

June signals the beginning of a new academic year at school.. the flurry of buying flowered raincoats and in-vogue umbrellas and the subsequent umbrella press-the-button wars during break..the smell of new notebooks which, like life, could be used to write or draw anything and still be called notebooks.. fresh puddles and paper boats..green baby leaves peeking out with sunny cheer..and oh the dizzy happiness of meeting old friends and new, of reading textbooks cover-to-cover on the day you get them and forgetting everything later in the year..

June, I have always loved you!

I discovered a writer from across the world today who not only pens about but lives as part of nature and embraces the endless discovery of discovery. Kathryn Spring is indeed an inspiration and three years ago, seems to have begun a journey I am about to now. She writes, and I quote:

Now I sit alone with so much emptiness that is slowly transforming into incredible space.  In her poem “Blue Iris”, Mary Oliver writes:

my heart panics not to be, as I long to be,                                                                 the empty, waiting, pure, speechless receptacle.

Sometimes one must be empty before becoming fulfilled.  Sometimes one must wait before running breathlessly toward the answer.  I am letting go of the panic of wanting to be a certain way.  I am learning to accept that my dreams may change and the vision of my future may wobble until it comes to focus on a new light.  With these lessons I begin again, and already excitement is growing inside of me.

It just started raining. Magic is working its magic.

Birds chirp at the
dawn of a new moon,
the first in a new June,
and I begin.
I begin again..


3 thoughts on “A new moon, a new June

  1. This is just sooooo beautiful, just what I needed to read and hear this very day.

    Now I sit alone with so much emptiness that is slowly transforming into incredible space,

    Space, not emptiness.
    You have no idea how wonderful those words are to me. Thank you a thousand times over for your wisdom.

  2. My word. I encountered your page just by pure luck, and I am so happy that I hit it. Your words, and your imagination is beyond any words or imagination. Beautiful. 🙂

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