Why ‘Ramona and Beezus’ is Terrificle!

I watched this Elizabeth Allen movie day before yesterday and loved it! Ramona and Beezus is definitely going on my all-time-favorite-movies list! I am looking forward to reading the books by Beverly Cleary too!

Here are a few of my favorite parts of the movie, come relive it with me! Why? Because there is magic in every jar!’ 😉

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

– Roberta dancing to the Royal Peanut Butter commercial! *giggle-twirl-giggle-look cute-giggle-shake tiny fists-giggle* 😀

– The accidental ‘delishus’ rainbow colors which dress up Hobart’s Range Rover!

– The sketches on the book in Ramona’s suitcase! Gotta love Ramona indeed..

– Beezus’ torch scare!

– Ramona’s toe puppets resulting in Roberta’s curious ‘what are you’ expression!

– Jumping through the hole! Wheee! I can fly!!!

– And in so many ways..I am Ramona and Ramona is me..

– ‘I’m not gloating! I’m bouncing!!’

– Ramona and Picky Picky in the bathtub. ‘Nobody thinks I can, but I can. I can be extraordinary!’

– After Roberta sprays Ramona with peas: ‘What a darling little sister. I wish there were ten of you!’

– I could spend hours adoring The Longest Picture in the World!

– Hobart, just before he kisses his bride, ‘And I still owe you that quarter. And I want to spend the rest of my life trying to pay it back.’

– Happy endings!

– The proper way to break a hard-boiled egg! I am going to try that someday soon!

– Hobert a la Hulk: ‘Be stronggg!’

– The cinematography which, I believe, utilizes one of my favorite types of picture coloration: sepia tone.. Love the feel and textures!

– Beezus: ‘Who could ever love someone named Beezus?!’
Ramona: ‘Jesus?’

– Music!! The more I see the less I know!

– ‘Yes!’ *excited Ramona* ‘The answer’s still no!’ *awww!*

– Live like there’s no tomorrow. This song witnessed one of the greatest changes in my life and I would want it no other way!

And now I am off to watch it..for the fourth time? 😀

(Thank you for the movie and for you, L! You’re my immortal Picky Picky!)


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