A Silent Melody

Dissolve me into the spiraling mist
Like a drop of dew I will
Worship light and sparkle till
The moist earth blushes that we kissed

Catapult me into the navy skies
A hazy cloud then I shall be
Telling stories with geometry
Till lightning sparks my hurried byes

Plunge me in the ocean deep
On the seabed smug shall I lie
Secrets and shells, for oyster am I
Till a pearl you make with a moment’s peep

Build me a nest on the tallest tree
Hide me from the slicing scorn of eyes
Teach me how to fly in the darkest of skies
Till I am but a black blur in the free

Paint me on a canvas, Edelweiss-white
Color my soul with passionate rainbows
Sketch my heart with a bashful rose
Till my being is invisible or but a mite

Claim me as you would a child to
Free me in a field of butterflies
Touch my heartbeat, its fall and rise
Till silence you hear, my last song to you.


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