Milestones and Music

It’s a season of milestones which are very dear to my heart! My loved ones are celebrating and so am I! How boring life would be without soundtracks playing in our mind as we celebrate!

First, there is J, who deserves a resounding pat on the back for being cig-free for exactly three hundred and sixty five days today! FB-style: SUPER-LIKE!! I am honored to be part of J’s journey and feel like a proud mother hen!  This one’s for you, J!

For P and A, a big hug! May life bring you harmony in symphony for many more years to come, and may your unconditional, pure love for each other always sparkle bright! P, stop beating A. A, take care of P! Excited to be celebrating the spring of life with you!

It’s a quirky lil’ boy’s sixth birthday soon! How I wish I could charter a plane and fly across the miles to dimples and charm!

And there is Lightning. One year of Lightning! Makes me want to do the hula hoop! Who knows, maybe we will! Let the music speak my mind!

Prometheus, the eternal light in my soul, the beats in my blood.. milestones are incomplete without You..

And my cuppycakes! Ma and Papa, whom I have been blessed to know and love for exactly twenty one years. Yup, today also marks my nakshatra birthday! I wish upon a star for my cuppycakes, may all the stars in the Universe light up their lives!

That’s all, folks!


2 thoughts on “Milestones and Music

  1. Happy Birthday fellow Aquarian 🙂

    btw, I was looking up an old classmate of mine on FB by the same name and you showed up! Small world. Sorta 🙂
    What’s Rak week?

  2. Hello, Rads! Long time no tap-tap! 🙂

    Thank you! This one’s my birthday according to the Hindu calendar.. Yeah, I take full advantage of celebrating two birthdays a year 😛 I’m actually a Piscean by the Roman calender, though Aquarian in my randomness! When is your birthday, I wonder? I suppose I have missed it already! Happy belated birthday!! 😀

    LOL. Small world indeed! 🙂 I’m curious- you know my namesake?!!

    Random Acts of Kindness Week.. which..erm..ends today, technically.. but we can do Random Acts of Kindness Year, yeah?

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