A Letter to the Future of our World

Dear Human-of-the-Future,

I feel like dancing in the rain. Do you know what rain is? Water from the sky!

We’re on the brink of Spring and living a Guest Appearance of Summer. But the nights and early mornings are beautiful, as are late evenings. Nature seems to be updating her palette: the horizons are a spilled marriage of bright hues and subdued highlights.

And sometimes, there are moments when the world is breathtakingly beautiful. So much so that one would reach a ‘Peet Stop’ or a processing pause: What do you do with beauty after all?

Maybe that is why artistes can be traced back to time immemorial. With man was born his mind; with his mind, his perception of beauty. And his inherent animalistic instinct for preservation, it was but natural that the early man wished to record the beauty around him through art and song, dance and story.

Wouldn’t you love to travel to the Lascaux caves in France just to lock your eyes with the work of men and women who lived thousands years ago? This is how they look now:

Did they look like you do? Did they love *that* particular piece of art too? Did they sing as they created masterpieces which would be revered by their light-year kith and kin?

And I wonder.. How would it feel to be in their place? Art is being created all around the world as I write. With the coming of the digital age, conventional boundaries have been erased and new art forms have been conceived. From rocks to pixels, how far we have travelled! And for all I know, maybe you paint with your fingers with the air as your sensitive canvas- biosomething art?!

But some things never change.

Like wondering simultaneously about why we love and how things stay up in the air.

Like uninhibited laughter.

Like the magic of silence.

And if you’re reading this, human-down-the-ages, know that your ancestors worked to preserve a beautiful world for you.

We may not say it often (occupational hazard of being dead), but we think of you when we use a particular tinge of red or click a dancing ray of sunlight. We think of you when we write our rustic songs of love and loss, of joy and jubilation. We think of you when we carry on the tradition of folk culture and languages. And when we celebrate the coming of the moon and the breaking of dawn, we know that some day, you will too.

In everything we do, we seek to preserve and better what has been given to us by the great souls who walked before us. The road which was once theirs is ours for now, and we are paving it with the love for humanity we hope you will retain.

Yes, there are pointless wars. Yes, innocent children are dying of hunger. Yes, we sometimes misuse our resources. Yes, there are days we wake up with despair in our eyelids. But the day we are defeated will be the day every single one of us would have given up. And trust me, that day shall never exist. Upon the eve, upon the dawn, we shall build a better world for you, our fawn.

And one day, when you are faced with the dilemma of choosing between what is right for you and what is right for the world you live in, think of the Greater Good. Think of the great men and women who you know through your history books, but who are real to me right now. I see their trials and their tears, but I also see their courage and kindness. It is this courage which has led the human race to survive, and it is this kindness I ask you to adopt as your religion.

And human-of-the-future, be good and do good, wouldya? If you don’t, I hope I am floating on a cloud above you and firing lightning to strike you like it does to poor Eeyore. Consider yourself warned! And if you don’t know who Eeyore is, look up the simple charm of a sunny morning in the world of Winnie the Pooh on Foogle.

My fondest wish is that you live in a world full of happiness and joy, where suffering and pain are chosen just for a change of scenery!

Live long and prosper!

A Keeper of Your World


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