Hearts and flowers

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What did I do?

Got lost with Ne on V eve. We traveled by my current favorite mode of transport: ferry! And by lost, I mean undeniably,  unequivocally lost! Life is mysteriously beautiful without maps and with mysteries!

First on my mind as I awoke after giving the sun a healthy head-start: Love and Peace- the World’s greatest need. Planet Earth. India. Children and innocent laughter.. Happyness. The Greater Good. Love the only way I know it: unconditional.

Delightful morning communicating my crossroads to Cheri. Even confusion is fun when I’m with you 🙂

Ambled about in the afternoon looking into beautiful houses, spinning stories in my head and dreams in my eyes..

The best gift ever on V day: Meeting J, who wore the most classy red and white shirt ever made! I think I spent 9 minutes out of 10 admiring it instead of talking!

Evening with my lil’ Tiger watching a movie being shot at Kala. Hilarious! A Hindi-Bengali movie titled ‘Madd Love’. Apt, eh? The ‘hero’ was a fashion disaster, with a baby pink tee and a long brown overcoat initially and then a white tee coupled with a magician-style black coat. And the cliche about directors wearing straw hats is true, apparently even on a windy night! The best part was watching the waves being lit up and laughing our heads off at the ‘hero’s’ dialogue in a robot voice: ‘Mera naam Manav hai. Main mesmerized hoon’!

Childhood photos. How can anybody not love spending hours studying each photo minutely, wondering why this cousin was there and that teddy bear wasn’t? Thank you for the memories, Pugstar!

I renewed my pledge for the cause of human rights. And enrolled in the Random Acts of Kindness Week challenge. I hope I can keep up!

What’s better than flowers, hearts, and crazy puppy love? Love that matures like classy old wine! Mum, Dad- you’re the best! And Pug’s dad dedicating a flower pic to his beautiful wife on Facebook? Super cute!

And if you want to imagine the most comfy V day ever, you can add the  Hindi music of lost decades resonating softly from my living room and my movie pick of the night: Pretty Woman.

I picked up a purple and white butterfly-shaped shell on the beach a few days ago. It was among the most exquisite I have ever come across. But along with it came a tiny hole- it certainly wasn’t perfect. That is when it struck me that for all my obsessions with perfectionism.. I have come to believe that flawed beauty is often its most real form. Reality. Wow.

Illusion check! I would rather strive to live in my idea of perfection, thank-you-very-much. Why am I analyzing perceived perfections and flawed beauty? Well, a certain bolt of Lightning was and is much missed today..

I wish I could send the ones I love messages with the wind…

Ae guzarne wali hawa bata
Mera itna kaam karegi kya
Mere doston, meri dilruba
Meri Maa ko mere paiyam de
Unhe jaake tu yeh paigam de Main vapas aaunga….


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