Love, Luck, Logic

It’s a sunny, lazy day
I wanna go away, far far away
But I yearn for you to make me stay
To dream with me and reminisce of play

Yesterday, every firefly in my soul was a vintage one. Elaborate and curvy Victorian fashion, brightly colored, yet faded, postcards from decades ago, Marilyn Monroe, black lace on hats, tea parties. Yesterday, I was in yesteryear.

Earlier today, I leaped into the future. Time travel, parallel universes. Walls embedded with biometric sensors enabling them to change like mood rings. Minimalist interior design. Straight lines, definite angles.   The lack of ambiguity spelled in bold.

And now, I want to retire to nature. Renew my soul as one with the Universe. Remind myself that people may come and go, but souls remain. Imprints live on. Love is eternal. A boundless form of positive energy which is so pure, so primal, that like the sun, you can see its halo around you, but staring into that great ball of fire at close quarters would ensure that it is the last light you see.

Can anybody ‘fall in love’ with a Mister X? But people keep changing, core included. ‘Fall in love’ with concepts? Abstract plus abstract- could it equal reality?

I believe we are always in love. In love with life when we are born, still in love with life when we die. Loving, like breathing, is subconscious, yet the most vital element of our functioning. Everybody is in love at any given point of time. The conventional idea of ‘falling in love’ perhaps refers to a large concentration of the energy of love manifested in a person, place, idea or inanimate object.

Consider this. You are building a sand castle on the sea shore. Alas, you do not have a pail! You scoop up a handful of water from the ocean and rush back to your half-built castle. What happens? If you scooped up 300ml of water, approximately 100ml would reach the destination you chose: the castle.

You did not choose to let the 200ml of water be affected by the crevices between your fingers or the motion of your body. You neither chose the number of droplets that fell nor the location of their eventual landing. Your only control areas in this scenario were the source of the water, the mode of transportation, and the sand castle: your destination.

Love is similar and different simultaneously. You carry as much as you humanely can in your heart. You believe you have a destination: a person, an idea. Along the way, irrespective of whether you like it or not, you distribute love- the bubbly baby in the pram, a new Android app, a favorite restaurant, a friendly gust of wind.

When your destination receives your molecules of love, it might be less then what you started off with. Or it might be more! Therein lies the beauty of love. It is perhaps the only form of energy that is replenished the more it is used. When you drop water on the sand, the sand absorbs it. You might feel a wet spot if you touch the sand, but that is the maximum that can be seen and felt directly. When you give love to anybody or anything, you can witness what I would like to call the Boomerang Effect of Love.

You see, when you love with your heart and soul as one, you give away part of yourself. But you may not immediately observe that with the chipping away of one part of your love molecules, another set of molecules is born in its place- stronger, deeper, and more sensitive than its predecessor. Maybe that explains why you feel so good when you love! And when the other person reciprocates your love, your new strong set of receptive love molecules bind to his molecules coming your way with great ease (and they do a lil’ bunny dance to say they’re happy, too!)

What happens when you think your love is not reciprocated? Dicey question. Honestly, how do you really, really know that for sure in the first place? While the human mind is formidable in many respects, it remains a mystery on the delicate topic of emotions and energies. Does the mind think and the heart feel? To categorize the human brain as an organ restricted to the skull region is perhaps defamatory, but that is fodder for another train of thought.

However, you and I are part of the animal kingdom at the end of the day. We have a penchant for logic and reason. Step-by-step thinking appeals to us. We choose to call fellow humans who defy the majority-approved steps ‘mentally challenged’, even though they might just be on a different plane of rationality or a plane on which a lack of rationality is rational.

So the question ‘What happens when you think your love is not reciprocated?’ should be shortened to ‘What happens when you think?’

The Control Test Tube:

Being rational is a risk. It means that you have built your steps in granite and are unwilling to move from your reasoning, whatever happens. You are more than willing to take complete responsibility for the consequences, for you believe that you have thought out every logical branch of your analysis. If things work out, you call it smart thinking. If not, luck.

The Experimental Test Tube:

Defying rationality is also a risk. It means that you know what is rational in the first place, and you go against your base instinct to abide by that logic by doing something you define as ‘foolhardy’. But in doing so, you have already instructed your mind to expect the worst. You have already told yourself that you are being ‘impulsive’. And in some deep corner of your mind, you are ready to say ‘I told you so’ if things do not work out the way you  want them to. If things work out, you call it luck. If not, foolishness.

Luck. What is luck? Randomness. Black swans. Luck, like love, is one of the most mysterious elements ever encountered.

So what do we do? Continue to try and rationalize luck and love? Continue to try to reduce these beautiful forms of energy to dry formulae?

The answer?


Be in love. Be a charming admirer of Lady Luck. Feel the gust of wind, laugh with the laughing baby. Do not retire to a corner of your mind to list the reasons you should consider laughing, leave the analysis of why cool air makes your skin tingle to later. For now, Be in the now!

Live in love. Live fully, passionately. If you are happy in love, be the happiest person you have ever been! If love makes you sad for a moment, make that the most profound and moving moment in your life. But do not come to a standstill. Do not stop feeling, do not enter into that abyss of death: existence, where all is numb, all is bare. Live love, Live luck, Live to Live!

Believe in love, in luck. Believe in logic too, but know that mathematics cannot solve all the mysteries of earth and space. Neither can abstract energy. A synergy is what you must seek, and for this, you need to Believe. Believe in yourself, Believe in the trance of love, Believe in the thrill of luck!

And when you think you’ve done it all, seen it all, and heard it all before, you know that the time is right to hope for luck and fall in love- all over again!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day! Live long and prosper!



One thought on “Love, Luck, Logic

  1. Generally I don’t read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, quite nice post.

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