Counting Blessings: Day 1

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…’

So today hasn’t been a spectacularly amazing day… after twenty whole years of tripping over twigs, falling randomly and losing my balance while walking straight on highways, I fractured myself when I ran into a flimsy cane chair right in my living room!

Well, I guess you can imagine the result! I feel like my wings are in a cast instead! This also means a major test I was to take next week is postponed, yet..again..

It is on days like these that we must remember to thank the Universe- that we are alive and well, and even though we might be in pain, somebody somewhere might be suffering a hundredfold more- and it falls upon the relatively able to alleviate that.

For me, today is therefore an opportunity to give thanks, and to begin a new feature on Opal Odyssey: Counting Blessings. Rather self-explanatory, yes. Each day,  I shall acknowledge and re-live all things bright and beautiful, and note the silver lining in the darkest of clouds. Feel free to join me!

Counting Blessings: Day 1

1. The way the skies turned a magnificent shade of orange last evening and drew me to go cloud chasing across four kilometers!

2. Spanish guitar music

3. Watching puppies being taken to gentle care and better homes

4. Family and friends, who care insanely enough to wince more than I do at my self-destructive antics

5. Walking into the orthopedics’s clinic and finding a young man with his whole leg in a cast move to give way just so I wouldn’t  falter

What will you give thanks for today?!


2 thoughts on “Counting Blessings: Day 1

  1. Thanking that forget dance, I can at least still walk? 🙂

    Take care sweetie! It sucks being immobile, but then one can pretend to be the reigning queen of our home and be served at least? Tons to do actually.. till we get bored of it all!

  2. Ha ha 🙂 you bet! Not moonwalk, though!

    And yup, reigning queen it is- I wish it were a 24-hour challenge instead of three weeks! 😛

    You take care too! From blog themes to limbs going bonkers, we seem to have weird coincidences! 😉

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