Holi Hai!

The very title conjures up images of color dispersed like radiant mist, wet clothes and a fiery spirit bidding adieu to cold nights and welcoming the jashn of Spring… 

Once upon a distant age, the colors of Holi were crafted to ward off change-of-season infections by incorporating ingredients like Neem and Haldi (Margosa leaves and Turmeric). Present-day Holi colors also have a medical relation-with the equation reversed! From the now-common allergies and asthma to the possibilities of skin cancer, synthetic gulaal is definately no longer safe. 

How about Holi the Vrindavan way?! Phoolon wali Holi! 

Or organic colors? Here is a ToI article detailing some quick methods to make them at home! 

Speaking of Gulaal, Anurag Kashyap’s movie by the same name has some hummable songs. Here is a review of sorts of the music. I like the looks of Aarambh hai Prachand and Aisi Saza. 

I have not played Holi for more than ten years running, and I miss it sorely. As I type, kids in the colony are screaming to their hearts’ content, and I hear colored water being sprayed in joy with giant pichkaris. In Laloo-land, Laloo-Bholu pichkaris seem to be in vogue

Holi the rose way, anyone?! 


Edited to add:

I finally joined Flickr! Here is a link to my Photosteam! See you there!


3 thoughts on “Holi Hai!

  1. i just saw all your pictures in photostream. you are a great photographer too !! i am really proud of you akshaya.

    Thank you, Meena akka! 🙂

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