Travails of ze Vordy Vampire

The rush of excitement at the screen blinking into life with the calming blue logo..a queer mixture of anticipation and wonder as my fingers break through the CIA-worthy security enhancements..quirky clicks on the foreground of the constant whirring from within, with the whirring and my breathing the only signs of life..

A chic desktop, complete with remnants of expeditions into the dark, dusky and divine.. my eye balls and that of the potent creature resting beneath my palm seek the metallic Chrome, aptly rechristened Gateway to the World.. a moment’s hesitation to steady the frayed nerves and jumpy wires, followed by an unshakeable decision.. the scroll unfolds.. more clicks lead to mini-scrolls..

Letters and numbers whizz awry
Finally settling into melody
Into the Gem do I plunge headlong
For it is never too late to continue my song
Never too late for the spirit to revive, rejunevate, renew
Never too begin anew.

Thank you..for your continued visits, comments and yes, thank you for the frantic calls and messages asking me whether I have indeed hopped a camel to ride the wild!

Ze Vordy Vampire izz backk an’ decked in ze boughs of ze ‘olly!


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