Balloons and Butterflies

9th November 2008.. and I turn 18 years, 8 months. Not significant from the conventional perspective, but I rather like the sound of it. 

And since nobody blogs about me, I blog about my milestones at the risk of sounding narcisstic to the core! 😉

How I miss being little! Wonder if I can travel back in time to being 8 months or 8 years old instead….

[rockyou id=126379554&w=500&h=375]


4 thoughts on “Balloons and Butterflies

  1. A friend once told me about the relativity of time. he said there was some kind of theory. Time as we measure it is false according to the proponents of the theory. The whole 24 hours thing, the measurement of time it seems can never actually be done. example, have you noticed the period between 12 and 4 in the night.. if you sit down to let say study or read it feels like more moments have gone by than the 4 hours that is measured on the clock. But say you did that during the day between 12 and 4. you would notice your productivity go down and find that you can finish far less than what you would have done between those 4 hours. but then its not that every day between 12 and four the efficiency increases. the 12 and four of everyday cannot be measured on the base system that we are working on since days too are being measured wrongly. the element of uncertainty decides the relativity of time. so an hour as measured by the clock between 1 and 2 would contain less time than the hour between 2 and 3. i liked the theory. i dont know who thought of it. should google it someday. but it does sound interesting..

    Alright.. so lets apply the same thing to the age and voila… youve got your 8 years and 8 months. and next time someone asks you when your birthday is say ‘IT DEPENDS’!!!

    Ha, ha, ha! Very sensible logic! 🙂 sure, will do!

  2. your blog is the most fascinating one i’ve come across in the longest time 🙂 happy belated birthday, Opal!

    [the book “the magic mountain” has an interesting discourse on the relativity of time.]

    thank you! 🙂
    German lit, non? rings a bell..will get my claws on it..

  3. Hi

    Belated birdday wishes…

    but then we are time traveling, right? So, here’s wishing you in advance then!


    oh thank you.. 🙂
    wonder if I could zap back to the ice age.. no snow out here, thus rendering my storybook Christmas trapped amid paper and paint!

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