Savoring Goa

Went to the launch of an photo exhibition titled Lifestyle in Goa through the ages, which was a beautiful collection of advertisements from newspapers and magazines of long beyond, mounted and categorized to give the viewer a feel of the Goan people. Very innovative way, and I am already a die-hard fan of old advertisements- thanks to a childhood spent devouring the neighbor’s Reader’s Digests from the early sixties onwards! 

Which put me in the mood to visit Calizz (means ‘heart’ in Konkani, the local tongue) a Museum and Lifestyle store of sorts in Candolim, Goa, preserving houses and artifacts of the pre-Portuguese and Portuguese era. With more than 45,000 artifacts, Calizz is the place to visit to experience unspoilt Goa. 

You can access their information portal here, and I leave you with a few of their pictures which touched a chord with the increasingly lazy nomad in me!

[rockyou id=126248983&w=450&h=337]


One thought on “Savoring Goa

  1. wow!so when did u learn these techniques in photography?Good show lad:)

    oh no-the pics in this post are from their website. The others are allll mineee! *evil grin*

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