Trio of Omneity- II

(Trio of Omneity- I can be found here)

The Road to Nowhere


Trio of Omneity- II

Up before the dawning sun
I tread across every fallen bough
To traverse along 
The Road to Nowhere

What would I find 
In kin or in kind?
Where will I be
Would I still be Me?

Mist enveloped my innocent self in blue
Bringing the crucifix of choices anew
Swirling tales of the future tied to a past
With repercussions which sublimely last

A gurgling stream ran along
Trials and tribulations its song
‘Plunge into me’, I heard it say
‘On mine bed may thy troubles lay’

Green giants swished gently down
‘Why, m’dear, do thy need that frown?
Climb up, up into mine arms
Where thy fervor be soothed by charms’ 

Alive in song and spirit
I rejoiced with nothing to inhibit
Drenched in petals and rain
On the Road to Nowhere I knew no pain

The sky cackled with ferocity
Welcoming the masked banditti
With eyes carved out of ice
Filled with vendetta and vice

My Shadow stuck close, startlingly so
Cushioning me as I searched high and low
‘Where are you?’ I yelled to the wind
To fire, water, earth- the eternal blend

Not a gurgle
Not a whisper
Not a crackle
Not a note
Not an arm
Not a hoot

Light and cheer entered many a lair
But found, forevermore, on the Road to Nowhere
Voyaging to complete our Trio of Omneity
My Reflection, my Shadow and Me.


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