Falling for Autumn

O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stained

With the blood of the grape, pass not, but sit

Beneath my shady roof; there thou may’st rest,

And tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe;

And all the daughters of the year shall dance!

Sing now the lusty song of fruit and flowers.

–  William Blake, To Autumn

Ahh.. to experience the joys and jubiliations of the changing seasons.. it is worth flying across the seven seas just to watch the weather forecast..  😉 

Goa has three seasons- a humid summer, a photogenic monsoon, and a pseudo-winter. The summers are hot during the day and make it impossible to head to town- a heady combo of reckless tourist traffic and heat drives me nuts. The evenings are perfect for soujourns at the beach, long drives along shady avenues, or a game of basketball or football.

The monsoons are my favorite- with every bough coming alive decked in a festive green, the scent of fresh earth and sounds of rain splashing on the grass while I run around like a headless chicken in the wild outdoors.

Winters, however, are a misnomer in Goa. Winters should be freezing, biting cold-the kind that makes you love it and hate it at the same time. Winters in Goa are pleasant on the whole-sunny and very slightly cold at nights. And what a Chirstmas that makes- no snow, no nip in the air, dry pine trees and fairly less fog.. and although I understand that the Chirstmas spirit matters and not the snow, I am all for storybook winters..

And today is a bright, cheerful day with absolutely no trace of the breezy, profound autumn on the other side of the world..

I leave you with some photos that make me want to sprout a pair of wings and flutter to fall…

[rockyou id=125741936&w=426&h=319]


2 thoughts on “Falling for Autumn

  1. Hey, that was wonderfully written.

    “Winters should be freezing, biting cold-the kind that makes you love it and hate it at the same time.” – That is a new way to look at the harsh winter. I am going to remember this when cold winter sets in here, in the other side of the world.

    Ahh.. the Other Side of the World.. I wonder if I would end up there if I dig a hole in the ground long enough.. and survive the scorching core!
    Excess of cartoon+comic-input!

  2. Hey Akshaya, Thanks for dropping by!
    We have the same template! and I absolutely couldn’t tell you were 18 with your writings. Lovely place you have yourself! 🙂

    Winters are bone chill out here, but then again, I believe that by the time you enjoy and ultimately get bored with it, it changes anyway. That’s a treat! 🙂

    Merci beaucoup! 🙂 We had the same template, I guess- your new look goes well with the mystery of spooks!
    Washington, eh? Sitting by large French windows sipping cocoa while specks of snow kiss the sill and little figures in warm reds jump high to stick carrots on Fair-and-Lovely-ad-worthy faces..ahh.. 🙂
    And are you into tele-porting weird souls desperate for fall and snow?! 😉

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