Diyas, Dreams and Diwali

Ganesh Chaturti seems like just yesterday and the Festival of Lights has made its way towards us already! Happy Diwali to all the believers of the triumph of good over evil-and I hope this Diwali lights up many a desolate home and young mind. 

Diwali is comparatively low-key in Goa, where Ganesh Chaturti and Christmas hold larger sway. Narak-Chaturti on the dawn of Diwali is, however, celebrated with great pomp and every avenue and galli alike is lined with rustic Narkasurs of various shapes and sizes. Nights, of course, have children and youngsters light up the sky and suffocate (literally!) with the sheer joy of witnessing their multi-colored sparkles find their way above rooftops and lanky coconut trees. 

The impending onset of these nocturnal festivities reminds me of the New Year in Goa, welcomed with all due (and more) glory in stuffy discotheques, smoky beaches and themed parties with big-wigs and paryataks from all corners of the world ‘livin’ it up’. Which in turn reminds me of delicious plum cakes left over from Christmas, roads laced with people of dressed in their best, and the chill December air laden with the festive spirit, which is finally whole without mono-religious color. And of course, new year resolutions.

Yes-call me old-fashioned, but I am a believer in the turning-a-new-leaf-overnight concept. Oh yes, the first fortnight of January is always almost-perfect! Then…errr..well, I am sure you relate to me at this juncture…! 😀 

But why wait for the beginning of another year? Why not now? Diwali resolutions? Bring ’em on!

1. I will follow a time-table, at least the academics dimension. Adhere to it- not merely store it with the innumerable perfect schedules I have been chalking over the years and stuck to for a maximum of one week. 

2. I will read, read, read as much non-fiction as I can get my hands upon. Tentative focus (ha,ha!): international relations, finance.

Recommendations welcome! 

3. I will plot devious schemes to pounce upon fiction without burning a ditch in my pocket! *wild laughter*

4. I will clean my room. I really, really will. *pout*

(This has been on the to-do/resolutions list for years galore and I doubt whether I will ever be satisfied and stop tweaking things around. Poltergeist incarnate!)

5. I will resist the temptation of throwing my delicate Sony Ericcson out of the window when it blares at 3 in the morning reminding me to either study, exercise or work on some darn project left late. Not that I have plonked it before, but with the alarm ringtone getting excessively irritating dawn-by-dawn, you never know. Really. 

6. Yes, yes- I will obey the summons of His Highness the Alarm, the nth, Pandemonium be upon Him. Hail Thee. Amen. Blah. *pounds teeth*

7. I will exempt Ma and Papa from the torture of listening to my random rants about jellybeans, joysticks and juvenile delinquency while they are intently involved with the television. *What is a blog for?! 😉 *

8. Yes, of course, I am certainly, undoubtedly sane! Do you deem that to be a resolution? Tsk, tsk. Go hang upside down. 😛

9. When I next hear a comment or assertion reeking with ignorance and arrogance, I will master the impulse to shove a pumpkin down the speaker’s throat and will grin and accept that not everybody is a born genius- and a modest one at that! 😉 

10. My next obsession will be called C-A-T. Period. 

11. No, not all lists end at number 10. 

12. I will run out into the wilderness each morning and feel the caress of the playful wind, watch the mist envelope me, and run on the grass. Freedom. Ahh.

13. I do not believe that thirteen is unlucky, and will place my most important resolution in this slot, along with credit to this site. 


I can see, hear, feel, think, say and do.

I have the tools to survive, to be close to others, to be productive

And to make sense and order out of the world of people 

And things outside of me.

I own me, and therefore I can engineer me.

I can choose to make me truly unique, truly ‘me’.



Well, well, well.. how about you? What are some of the wierdest resolutions you have come up with? And heavens! *gasp* Have you ever stuck to any?!

Have a safe and sneh-filled Diwali! And here’s to more diyas, dreams, and Diwalis!


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