‘With You, Mother’: Disability and Beyond


Of all created things, the lovliest
And most divine, are Children.
– William Canton 


With You, Mother

You look at me with concern
Wanting to love me, scars et al
But all I see 
Is You coming to terms with a brick wall

You hold you arms out
Ready to steady my every fall off the bed 
But all I see
Is You yearning for a giggling angel to tumble instead

You laugh off the taunts and jeers
Ready to defend my every disfigurement
But all I see
Is torrents of worry and tears of repent

I see You cringe, cringe every moment
Perhaps wishing that You never had me
That would put a stop to Your lament
How I wish I were as perfect as Thee!

Is there anyway I could 
Rewind the Cycle of Life
Go back to where I stood
On the Threshold of the Earth

And among the clouds of various hue
Choose to linger on 
Shower sparkles of joy on You 
And send down a little bundle of dimples and charm 

But that is not to be
Here I am, cacophonus in Your arms
Blemished, bow-legged, bloated
Branded for Life

Love me for not what I am
But for what I could be
With You, Mother. 



October is National Disability Awareness Month observed in the United States.

Assuming that you are stationed in India, what can you do? Awake and arise through Awareness, keep upbreast of recent happenings, and don’t forget to do your bit by volunteering your time and resources (Akiya, Vidyasagar, Spastics Society of India, and Pathway, among others).

And..get inspired…

Where there is a Will

Sarah’s Blog

Have Wheelchair, Will Travel

Meyrick Jones Racing 

Sense and Disability

Edit: Also check out the link to Rasa- boundless innovation and definately worth a visit. Thanks, Bro



2 thoughts on “‘With You, Mother’: Disability and Beyond

  1. Hey! Thanks for sending a few readers over to my neck of the woods….

    Enjoyed reading your posts.


    The pleasure is all mine!

  2. a small input. goa has 3 weather, summer hot , rains hot with cold showers,winter hot with lost showers.

    we can be inspired by hindu terrorist and global citizen fuse the issues and have resolutions during the diwali new year(celebrated by the moneylenders and business community) now we can call ourselves adapting, and secular

    Thanks! Of course..nice thought..

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