Beautiful Sunday

This has been on my mind since last night.. Boone’s Beautiful Sunday-we learnt this in 6th Grade and what a din we would create! 

Sunday Morning, up with the lark
I think I’ll take a walk in the park
Hey, hey, hey-it’s a beautiful day!

Hi, hi, hi Beautiful Sunday
This is my, my, my beautiful day
When you said, said, said that you loved me
Oh my, my, my- it’s a beautiful day!

Birds are singing, you by my side
Let’s take a car and go for a ride
Hey, hey, hey- it’s a beautiful day
We’ll drive on and follow the sun
Making Sunday go on and on
Hey, hey, hey- it’s a beautiful day! 


A languid Sunday in Goa puts me in the mood to take yet another road trip, splash in the ocean, or amble along boulevards, but with evaluations galore next week, I cannot convince myself to do so.

What about you? What do you like to do on Sundays?


Oh well.. here are some more pics from the Chennai sourjourn. Posting just a few since the ones from the journey are too many! 

I am obsessed with playing around with photography of my hand of late.. is it rather too obvious?! 



Enjoy your Sunday and the week ahead! 


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