Swish a wish!

What does dreaming of an elephant signify?

Dreamt of one last night. A baby elephant locked up in a classroom in my high school and we see it trying to get out as we organize a cultural fest. And the moment it breaks the bolts (and doors) and charges out, we seniors run to each class to point the students towards the main gate, evolving squadrons en route. The entire atmosphere is charged with a tense apprehension bordering on panic and pandemonium.

The elephant huffs and rnaaahs and enters a 7th grade class. Wildly upturns desks and chalk pieces do a somersault and strike the fans. Approaches the scared kids crouched behind the last few desks with a menancing, calculated look in its eyes….

And dips its trunk in the bottles of paint lying around and begins to paint on the desk, truly enjoying itself! I could almost discern the corners of its mouth curving into a smile!

Why stay up all night to watch a rerun on television when you can experience, direct, produce and be the main lead in your very own reel world which comes alive as you lay blissfully in your spongy bed?!!

Typing away furiously from college while ceaseless chatter in the background evolves into paranoia as deadlines fast approach..


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