Bubbles and Giggles

Mad Momma‘s latest post got me contemplating…

Time is fleeting. Period.

Playing in the first rain, crouching beneath the slide to watch the rainbow fill the sky, running wildly on the beach with waves lapping at my feet and the winds toying with my hair, rolling like a puppy on grass wet with pearly drops of dew, enjoying the precious minutes slurping ice cream from pineapple-flavored cones, running around the garden with my tiny yellow toy car, playing ball with the garage wall, cycling and stopping every two minutes to help another ladybird cross the road, long strolls in the wilderness to watch the first flowers of spring bloom, making up songs and tunes and imagining my audience of trees and shrubs joining in… when did I stop doing all the things I used to enjoy wholeheartedly? Where have the lazy early evenings I used to spend on the balcony with a huge stack of books and my stuffed puppy by my side dissapeared? 

Tiny things in life.. but immense pleasure is derived from these moments. I vividly remember snuggling up to Dad with Ma trying to feed me soup when I would come down with my frequent fevers, my curious affinity towards tents, pools and fallen bird feathers, spreading rose and jasmine petals around the house, falling asleep under the starry skies, listening and loving Jazz and Latino music while blowing bubbles….

Life tends to get mechanical as we get older. People want routine which comes equiped with a sense of security. And the ones who prefer spontaneous activities, like me, are left with a feeling of guilt at not ‘constructively organizing time’. At 18, I am terribly conscious of the time I spend going for long drives or doing something absolutely mundane like a half-finished abstract on a paper bag- isn’t this the time I need to invest in bettering my career prospects? A dear one remarked years ago that years in college can make or break my life, for these are some of the most impressionable years in terms of kiln tests of personal principles and fundamentals as well as attitudes developed towards work and life. But imagine looking back ten years hence and finding just dry leaves in place of tender petals of memories…what would have my childhood been like if I tried to measure my every step the way I do now? I am a no-return workaholic, but I need to learn to enjoy every moment.. I need.. Ermm..

I need to put intricate hypothesis about the future and regrets of the past in a huge sack and drown it in the deep blue sea, then resurface and play on the surf to my heart’s content.

Which is what I intend to do. Literally. 

This week, starting from today, I resolve to set aside time to indulge in one activity each day which I love but have stopped of late due to my own myopic, albeit temporary, perceptions about utilization of time… I wonder what you and I (!) will find in the next post!  

Pandit Nehru’s words come back to me as my scroll bar reminds me to conclude…


We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.



5 thoughts on “Bubbles and Giggles

  1. This post is also a continuation of the contemplation which started with our conver a few weeks ago, remember?!
    Live your dream…!

  2. Absolutely! A long 4 point something years.. 🙂
    Expect the Unexpected-how I love the sound of that!

  3. Akshu, your writing is fantastic and you should start writing a novel so that you can gift the world a wonderful book which everyone would like to possess.

    Good luck!

    Thanks again, Ma!

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