Trio of Omneity- I

Trio of Omneity- I

I stand in front of Myself
Gazing at You
Why are You there, imprisoned and listless?
Your eyes speak..the ones of melancholy hue…

Of fallen stars and lost dreams
Of battles lost and stiffled screams

Of heat and dust
Of frost and rust

Of veiled intentions
Of make-believe jubiliations

Of parchments smeared with red
Of life-giving oaths left unsaid

Of a night sky sans the moon
Of a bent violin dismally out of tune

Of promises unkept
Of arms left bereft

Of torn rose petals
Of perfunctory precious metals

Of the person you were
Will be and are

With walls of frosted glass
A backyard of silver
And a ceiling of oxymoronic choices en masse

Rise up, step out with Me, Your Maker
Twist, twirl, tap to the lively medley
Voyage to complete our Trio of Omneity
My Reflection, My Shadow and Me.


5 thoughts on “Trio of Omneity- I

  1. Dear Akshoo

    Your writings are quite lucid and thought provoking. They reveal the abundance of knowledge that you possess on various subjects. The ease with which you have handled them and presented them to the reader is highly commendable.

    It looks as if you couldn’t contain them any more when judged by their volume and the speed! You are greatly endowed with the ability to express yourself in an atmost sensible way.

    Your future plan should be for a book!

    Wish you success


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