Who am I?

Who am I?

Am I the pseudo-simplicity of an atom
The seemingly innocuous dots on a line
The rapturous curves of a mountain
Or frozen snow on a pine?

Am I the gurgling rivulet
Splashing by the sleeping valley
Or the mighty ocean
With moody tides that seldom tally?

Or am I a fiery little candle
That self-fulfilling prophecy of death
Am I the air, or am I oxygen
Bestowing life with every breath?

I am the water, I am the fire
The holy Ganges, the burning pyre
I am the leaves, I am the bark
I am the flowers made for the lark

I am music, eternity supreme
Taal, Raga, Sargam in my team
I am milk, I am honey
I am the joy gained without money

I am an illusion
I am contemplation
I am plenum
I am vaccum

I am You.
And You are the Universe.


9 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Dear Akshoo

    The poet expresses his joy at the sight of nature,whereas the philosopher identifies himself with nature. I find both a poet and a philosopher in you.There is a tinge of religion too. Good attempt.

    Write more and we will enjoy reading them.

    Good luck!


  2. Thanks for the comment and link..
    I need to learn to read Tamil in the first place!
    Will get Ma to help me out on this…

  3. Each morning I wake up with the same question; Who am I? This is how my days starts chasing for my own identity.

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