Music for the Unbrindled Soul

Music.. eternity in a nutshell.

These have been tingling my thoughts today..

Javeda Zindagi from Anwar..

Soul-stirring music. Reminds me of bazaars teeming with hawkers selling their colorful wares. Bangles and ribbons for the doe-eyed young lass clinging to her mother’s arm, eager to fly to her destiny. Peanuts for the energetic boy kicking stones with strategic skill. Antiques and cloth sold under shady canopies of dried leaves with the rays of the sun inspiring the dust on the ground to rise into asymmetric patterns. The wind wafting mesmerizing tunes and the aroma of corriander to the camels resting near make-shift tents.

Languid excitement.

Shamaa ko pighalane kaa armaan kyun hai, (why does a candle have the desire to melt)
Patangeko jalane kaa aramaan kyun hai, (why does a moth have the desire to burn)
Isi shauk kaa imtihaan jindagi hai (life is the test of these desires)

Kaise jiyaa jaaye … ishq bin (how can one live… without love)
Nahi koi insaan muhobbat se khaali (there is no human being who is empty of love)
Har ek ruh pyaasi har ek dil savaani (every soul is thirsty for it, every heart goes mad for it)
Muhobbat jahaan hai wahaa jindagi hai (wherever there is love, there is life)
Muhobbat naa ho to kahaa jindagi hai (without love there is no life)


Yuhin Chala from Swades..

Freedom. The vast skies. The magnificient blue oceans. The divine scent of the Earth seasoned with rain beckons to this Child of the Universe. To dream on clouds of stardust, desire the unknown, dare the unthinkable.

The past melts into the present which gifts wings to the future. Choices. Responsibility. Feathers in my flight to freedom. Feathers I embrace.

The winds are calling. Listen. Listen wherever you are. In the midst of people. Alone in your den. In the wilderness. Travelling underground. Listen.

har sapna sach lage jo pagan jale (every dream comes true when the fires of love are lit)
jo raah tu chale apne man kii (the path you choose of your heart)
har pal kii siip se motii hii tuu chune (you will find pearls in every oyster of time)
jo tuu sada sune apne man kii (when you listen to your heart)
yuun hii chala chal raahii… (keep roaming thus oh traveler)
man apne ko kuch aise halka paaye (the heart feels lightened)
jaise kandhon pe rakha bojh haT jaaye (like a burden lifted from the shoulders)
jaise bhola sa bachpan phir se aaye (like the innocent childhood has come back)
jaise barson men koii ganga nahaaye (like bathing in the ganges after a long time)
dhul sa gaya hai yeh man (my heart feels pure)
khul sa gaya har bandhan (now bonds are strengthened)
jiivan ab lagta hai paavan mujhko (now life feels fresh and new)
jiivan men priit hai honTHon pe giit hai (life is filled with love and the lips have a song at its tips)

bas yeh hii jiit hai sun le raahii (this is your victory oh traveler)
tuu jis disha bhii jaa tuu pyaar hii luTa (wherever you go may you always find love)
tuu diip hii jala sun le raahii (and blaze a path oh traveler)
yuu.n hii chala chal raahii (keep roaming thus oh traveler)


Listen to the wind. And listen to it seep into your blood. Feel it tingling your senses. Become one with the Universe.

Go on, go forth- live that dream.



(Thanks to Bollywhat and Mr Nair’s Blog for the English translations)


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