“To trust or…”

The tamasha yielded Ayes and UPA stands-firm? Well, I see green. I see wads and wads of green. Green green green. And I see Kirtish Bhatt‘s creations:
*green jhanda flying*
*green jhanda flying high*
Again..and again..and again..!
Again..and again..and again..!


On a serious note, the most impressive part of the Confidence Motion debate in the Lok Sabha was Omar Abdullah’s fiery speech.

Excerpts from Zee News:

New Delhi, July 22: On a day of high-voltage drama in Parliament, National Conference leader Omar Abdullah spoke passionately during the trust vote debate and accused the BJP of trying to silence parties like his by bringing up the issue of money being paid to buy MPs.

“It’s a great misfortune for parties like mine. I don’t know whether the claim of crores being paid to MPs was genuine, but I certainly believe the issue was raised to silence parties like mine,” a visibly angry Omar Abdullah said, adding that in his 10 years as a member of the House he had never interrupted the House.

Refuting claims of the nuclear deal being anti-Muslim, Omar said, “I’m an Indian, I’m a Muslim. I don’t know why I should fear the nuke deal.”

Enemies of Indian Muslims are not America or deals like these, but poverty, hunger, lack of development and absence of voice.”

Omar also took a shot at the Left parties, saying they are nobody to judge who’s secular and who’s not.

“I’m not member of the UPA and don’t aspire to be one. I made a mistake to be with the NDA, especially after Gujarat riots happened. My conscience had asked me to quit NDA, but I didn’t. My conscience has still not forgiven me.”
“Left is telling me all secular parties must unite to bring down this UPA government. The same Left had termed me communal when I was in NDA.”

Commenting on the Amarnath land transfer controversy, Omar said the issue was not over the Amarnath yatra but over our right to that piece of land and we will continue to fight for it.

Never has a Kashmiri ever disrupted the yatra and in all times to come, they never will,” he said.

“We don’t demolish mandirs, masjids like communal BJP. We don’t switch sides like the Left. And we support this secular UPA government in the confidence motion,” Omar concluded.


He also said that as long as even one Muslim resides in Kashmir, the Amarnath yatra would go on. Also- ‘I’m an Muslim, I’m an Indian- I don’t see the difference.’

Video soon.

Of all the gentlemanly behavior at the Lok Sabha as well.



2 thoughts on ““To trust or…”

  1. I like Omar. He looks good. But his memory is selective.

    Heres a select look at the atrocities committed in Kashmir, that affected Hindus, temples, including Amarnath


    Sad thing is that even sensitive Indians have not stood up for Kashmiri Hindus. They’d rather stand up for Omar and his grandfather – the Sheikh.

  2. Thank you for the eye-opening link and comment, Raina!

    Unfortunately, it is indeed true that the plight of Kashmiri Pandits has long been ignored by the Common Man.

    However, Mr. Abdullah has been voicing his opinion about the role of Muslims in this issue.

    I am not a JKNC activist, but I do believe that the mighty ocean to fight against the evils of humanity is made up of tiny, vociferous drops-however hypocritic their ancestors may be- and we need each one to march to combat and emerge winners.


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