Satya and Saanjh

Satya.. to me, this name symbolizes beauty in a pure form..angelic, innocent, pristine…Wiki tells me that the philosophical meaning of ‘Satya‘ is that which is beyond distinctions of time, space, and person..Satya pervades the universe in all its constancy. And yet, she changes like nature’s moods. Constant change?

Change alone is unchanging
Change alone is unchanging

As I mull over the immense significance Satya holds, I remember names which come back to me with their unique tenor and symbolism. Sanjh– the evening. The glory of twillight, with the fiery sun receding to cooler waters and tiny stars waking up in the young night’s shroud of mystery. The setting sun holds the promise of a new tomorrow-new hope to begin anew, and the poignancy of its departure from the azul sky peppered with clouds wafting by. Sanjh will witness the evenings in every part below the sky.. just-lit chulahs puffing to satisfaction, the kuthu-velaku lit and adorned with flowers in the courtyard, the diyas in front of the Tulsi, cars whizzing home carrying weary parents to their young ones, young ones beginning their ‘day’, the lone wolf scurrying further into the darkness in the light of civilization…

Raahi, the traveller. How many paths has he tread upon? How many suns has he seen rising? He entwines the constancy of purpose with momentary change. I am reminded of Melquíades- Garcia’s creation, no doubt, but he lives on in each one of us- a little voice beckoning us to board that chugging train to nowhere, drive without consciousness of day and night, ride the mighty winds..

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost”
– J. R. R. Tolkien

Artagnan.. Knower of all meanings. The knowledge-seeker, a gleaming beacon of truth standing tall in this world of hypocrisy. d’Artagnan-ring any bells? Alexandre Dumas wrote about this Musketeer’s escapades in the triology of the d’Artagnan Romances. d’Artagnan means from Artagnan in French and is often equated to a leader.


Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power


Then again…even fractals have perspectives…


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