Back and Bonkers! :)

Here I am!

The one..the only.....!
The one..the only.....!

Well, the inertia is sent bounding away. Writer’s block melted with the prowess of poetic passion.  And the gazillion wheels in my brain ticking and twisting and turning contently to literary bliss! Akshaya is back..! *drum roll please.. and I would like the Indigo carpet.. red is post-passe!*

Exhibition of imbibed traces of narcissism apart, here’s a little ‘something’ about myself. Posted this on Orkut a few weeks ago- the ‘Hai! I want to make freindshep with you’ requests decreased drastically!

I believe in the beauty of life, beauty that nourishes, inspires, and heals. I derive inspiration from nature and people…every single person has something beautiful within him which I yearn to bring out. Beauty to me translates into the endless skies, roaring oceans, the innocence of children, flowers, colors and scents of the wild, pristine water, the velvety night sky plundering the twinkling stars, the shroud of mystery. Notoriously workaholic, I love pondering upon the little mysteries of the universe inter-woven into one big puzzle, which inclines my thoughts towards the ‘building block’ sciences- particle physics, genetics, nanotechnology, neurology, and the apple of my eye-psychology. Eyes and body language often reveal more than words, and my current self-improvement project is to use these assets to be less of an open book than I am. I’m passionate about books- I must have been born with a Robbins instead of a silver spoon! My birthday renders me a Piscean- compassionate, empathetic, imaginative, and constantly metamorphosing into a different person every second. Imagination is also characteristic of a right-brained individual, as are intuition, creativity, the need for sensory input, and interestingly, the use of hand gestures and an active body language. The cultures of the world and movies happen to be my favorite sensory inputs, and I’m addicted to movies as I was to the initiator of the very concept. The untiring search for knowledge, synthesizing parts into a holistic whole, word play, an urge to contribute substantially to my Nation and humanity at large, and a drive to achieve are composites of my addictions as well. I enjoy acting, directing, and watching theatrical plays and performances, as well as participating in conferences and workshops glazing myriad arenas. I am fascinated by the myriad career options my generation has, and I believe that management is the foundation of every nook and cranny of life.

And I also believe you noticed the linking of ideas flowing from one sentence to the next!


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