Pre-Gym Musings

Ho hum…you say… what else is ask.. Well, I’ll answer that! Gym! ‘They’  (=M & D, anchors to the real world!) want me to gym! My friends would applaud at the idea, but the gym? In the wee hours of the morning? Every day?!

I’m one of those socially-classified-nerds-self-proclaimed-geniuses who loves the quiet of the night. The best time to work-When the world sleeps, my computer ticks to perfection. Blaring noises around my sanctum (read TV and the neighbour’s kid) and wind particles packed with scents from the kitchen which send me sneezing are at their bare minimum. And a walk outdoors is sheer bliss.. the dark, velvety night sky beckons this Child of the Universe to marvel at its mysteries and travel back in time to the days of yore…

I love early mornings too-provided there is something compelling enough (interesting reads, rain lashing at the windows, birds chirping, project deadlines and birthdays!) to wake me up!  Exercise early in the day would undoubtedly keep the adernaline flowing, and The Gym Idea is actually a good one. And although I prefer walks in the wild outdoors to a treadmill in a compact air-conditioned room, my walks turn out to be more of the languid sort- I tend to stop and pore at the young green leaves uncurling, rescue ladybirds from puddles, deeply breathe in the scents of nature, chase butterflies and to put it bluntly– act like a playful pup on its first tyrst with the outdoors! Exercise of the senses and brain, but the body.. well…!

Which is why I repeat time and again to that albeit-too-comfortable part of my brain that working out in the gym is a beneficial strategy. However, that beam of repetition got deflected to the part which loves to prod issues for their meanings and origins (the one that reminds me that lunatic comes from the Latin lunaticus or moon-struck, and translates, in the process of evolution, to refer to yours truly!).  

*Wiki Alert, with comments in Italics*

The word γυμνάσιον (gymnasion) was used in Ancient Greece, meaning a locality for both physical and intellectual education of young men. The later meaning of intellectual education persisted in German and other languages to denote a certain type of school providing secondary education, the Gymnasium, whereas in English the meaning of physical education was pertained in the word gym.

The Greek word gymnasium means “place to be naked”  Oh, Mercy! Let the Ektas and Rakhis of the World never read this!    and was used in ancient Greece to designate a locality for the education of young men, including physical education (gymnastics, i.e. exercise) which was customarily performed naked, as well as bathing, and studies. For the Greeks, physical education was considered as important as cognitive learning. *nod-nod* Most Greek gymnasia had libraries that could be utilized after relaxing in the baths. This makes so much sense- holistic development.

Hmm.. interesting.. (my most over-used adjective? You bet!)

A cute comic strip I came across in a previous life on the web comes bouncing back from the recesses of my memory.. 

Source: Sheldon Comics  

‘Dave Kellet’s Sheldon is a sarcastic, nerdy family strip filled with pop-culture references and fun, random storylines.’ Clean humor. 🙂

Source: CartoonStock

And so relentessly I tread
Past the languid deli where lay the well-fed
Through the maze of of K-cars speeding on a whim
To the Gym! To the Gym!


3 thoughts on “Pre-Gym Musings

  1. Here is :- Post-Gym musings!!!!
    Well….Tried gymming in the early morning,morning ,late morning,afternoon,evening………as per the gospels of various therapists and ended up binging more and sleeping more…..
    PS: why don’t you publish this article!!!!A solace for pathetic souls like me…

  2. @ Sriv Bhabhi:
    Thanks for the comment!

    Well, I will certainly give the gym a shot for whatever it is worth!

    *Sadly*, there are *people* who enjoy and benefit *instantly* from gymming! 😉

    Take care!


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