Diwan-e-khas is an exotic marble chamber with intricate artwork inside the Red Fort where the Emperor held private meetings with “Khas” (important) people. The famous Peacock Throne adorned this magnificent hall before Nadir Shah carted it off to Iran in 1739. Perhaps the Persian inscription on the ceiling of the Diwan-e-Khas (Hall of Nobles) in Shah Jehan’s Red Fort fired Lutyen’s imagination.

The poet, Firdaus, extravagantly claims, “If there be a paradise on Earth; it is this, oh it is this, oh it is this”. Certainly echoes of the paradise, in the form of architectural style, details and materials, are found in Lutyen’s neo-classical design for the new city. Thin marbles lattices separate the Diwan-e-Khas from the Khas Mahal, housing the Emperor’s sitting room, prayer room and bedroom. The king would grant audience to important people.
Opal Odyssey’s Diwan-e-Khas- meant for those who wish to keep track of my fancies and fallacies, activities and amusements..

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