In black and white…

Tulsi, Parvati, Kesar, Kusum, Kajal, Kasish- if these names seem painfully familiar, then you may be yet another, rather bewildered, victim of the Great Indian Soap Saga-where heroes never die-they just get their cars blown to shreds, are pushed off cliffs, kidnapped one-too-many times, poisoned by ‘beautiful’ vamps, suffer from amnesia, get plastic surgeries done, and in the worst possible scenario: dissappear for a few weeks from the screen owing to them being ‘dead’ only to be resurected thanks to public demand! (Yumraj ji-are you listening?!)

There was a time, not too long ago, when Doordarshan ruled the roost. Many generations, including mine, grew up on Chitrahaar, News Bulettins @ 2000hrs and the eagerly-awaited Sunday movies…
A cursory flick of the remote landed me to the present-day Doordarshan a while ago- it has obviously changed quite a lot, perhaps catering to the hysteric K-brigade fan following! But that familiar DD logo triggered off a wave of bitter-sweet memories from yesteryears, so this week’s Memory Lane will attempt to take you on a walk down memory lane-in black and white…

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