India of my Dreams

This poem recieved a note of appreciation from the then President of India, Shri Abdul Kalam 









The India of my Dreams

The India of my dreams
Is a matrix of perfection
Self-reliant, and compounded
With an unshakeable foundation

In every nook and corner
A sense of integrity prevails
And in every Indian’s heart
The flame of humanity ne’er pales

Corruption and condemnation
Have all been tided over
And our ‘leaders’ have finally relinquished
The pragmatic pick-axe of profane power

Our sacred scriptures and scholastic sciences
Have entwined and culminated
And in peace do we find solace
For rationality and understanding have amalgamated …

My Dreams can be our Future
If only we walk hand in hand
Come, let us put all differences and discriminations aside
And work together to glorify our Motherland …

— Akshaya Shivkumar, at age 12



12 thoughts on “India of my Dreams

  1. you are splendid if you can write such a poem at the age of 12!!!!!

    well done akshaya


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