the maxims of creativity…

Today’s the day for simple stuff…Simple yet elegant…

Ring any bells???


(If you guess that right, you’re an acclaimed genius!!)


(But since you’re one of the average kinds, I’ll relieve your tiny brain from so much overwork)

It’s ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ by Jean Webster (and before you ask, no prizes for guessing that!)

Jean Webster has a charismatic style of writing…letter writing, to be more precise. Her main character, Jerusha Abbott, is sent to College by an eccentric trustee of the orphanage she’s a part of, with the only condition that she must regularly write to the Trustee, whom she names ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’. The way Ms Webster moulds the sublime character of Judy Abbott and Jervis Pendleton and signs off with quite an unexpected twist only fortifies her reputation as a creative and talented author.

‘Jean Webster’ is, in fact, the pen name of Alice Jane Chandler Webster. A hardy lady with socialism in her blood, Ms Webster was born and lived most of her life in New York State. Incidentally, she happens to be the great-niece of Mark Twain and was also related to Samuel Clemens.

‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ is one of those feel-good books, which leaves you with a contended aura in the end. The sequel, ‘Dear Enemy’, is but another milestone in the author’s career.

It is easy to get lost in this fairy-tale-like story with a tinge or two of hard-core reality, so lost that you would not be able to put this book down too soon!

Happy reading!!


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