a curiously curious book…

What happens when a Physicist enrolls in a Bio Course?? Predictably, he finds a Paper written by a famous biologist, and starts working it out. This physicist in question is no exception… he read Adrian and Bloke’s paper demonstrating that nerve impulses were sharp, single-pulse phenomena- the conclusion of their neurological experiment on cats.The result: the physicist scans the library for a ‘map’ of a cat
(and if you think that’s right, then you’re a classified bloke-it’s called a ‘zoological chart’)

The man: Richard P. Feynman, winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1965.


Well, now that you’ve been given enough time for the situation to sink in, you must’ve realized that I’m reading a new book. People who know me and are reading this will scoff at my words, for I’m always reading something ‘new’…

“Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman!” is, as adeptly described in the sub-title, a book of ‘adventures of a curious character’. The fact that this curious character is a rather famous personality does not, fortunately, loom over each page reminding you that you’re reading the works of a Nobel Prize awardee.

In fact, it makes for excellent bed-time reading too, but only if you intend to sacrifice some…errr…many hours of your ‘natural and periodic state of rest during which the consciousness of the world is suspended’.

The language is simple and to the point, and the circumstances described have a grounding in facts. Mr. Feynman proves himself to be a witty, humorous and satirical genius of a physicist.

Must read for all students of science (me) and people (you) interested in great prodigies of their time (me)… (!!!!!!)


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